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"Since I have been using my Swing Thru Pro I have knocked 6 shots off my handicap" 

- Josh D.

"I have always had trouble with my irons as I either toe the ball or hit before the ball leaving a big divot and I rarely make good contact with the ball. 

I have tried training aids similar to this but nothing has worked like this before.

Since I have incorporated this training aid in my practice I have made huge progress! I can hit my irons with consistently with great contact all the time now".

  • Corrects swing path in your backswing and downswing

  • Sets wrist correctly at top of backswing

  • Corrects face alignment at impact to ball

  • Corrects follow through


How will this help my slice or hook?

If you slice or hook the ball your club is traveling on the wrong swing plane with the club face either open or closed. TruSwing's Swing Thru Pro is designed to create the correct golf swing positions meaning it is almost impossible to swing on the incorrect plane. The training aid also corrects face alignment throughout your golf swing teaching you to hit the ball with less spin resulting in so slice or hook.

Will this make me hit the ball further?

Yes! By setting your wrist correctly you will increase power and distance in your swing. This may feel strange if you have not done this correctly before but once you have the mastered this you will hit the ball further and more accurate.

How will I know what to do with it?

Once ordered you will be able to watch our free updated tips and drills videos on our YouTube channel.

Can anyone use it?

Yes. The Swing Thru Pro is suitable for both right and left handed men, women and junior golfers.

Will it fit my golf club?

Yes, the Swing Thu Pro is fitted with adjustable insert allowing the aid to be easily attached different sized grips/clubs. 

How long will the product take to get to me?

We are proud to offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.Standard FREE International Shipping: 4-14 business days.  All orders will be dispatched from our warehouse within 3 business days. In peak periods please allow for up to 6 business days for dispatch. 

 *All shipping times exclude clearance/customs delays(Shipping times may vary due to COVID19).

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