Stop Casting The Club, Increase Lag &


The TruSwing™ Pro is a lightweight golf training aid designed to create the correct golf swing positions. Simply attach on any club including driver.

  • Increase Distance & Accuracy

  • Say Goodbye To Your Slice or Hook

  • Stop Duffing The Ball & Improve Consistency

  • Suitable For All Skill Levels 

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Loved by over 58,710 golfers, the TruSwing Pro will not only help you eliminate problems such as casting the club and early extension but by doing so you will increase accuracy, distance and most importantly lower your scores! As little as 1 training session a week to a better swing.

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Loved By Golfers Of All Levels!


All Golfers Struggle With What The


Slicing, hooking, topping the ball? We can guarantee you are not hinging your wrists correctly and/or swinging on the incorrect plane.

By hinging your wrists correctly and swinging on plane you will ensure you are on your way to the perfect golf swing.

Corrects wrist positioning, swing plane and face alignment throughout your golf swing which leads to a better strike at impact, increased distance and accuracy and most importantly lower scores!

If you don't know how to use it don't worry! We have free tips and drills by PGA Professionals.

Suitable for both right and left handed men, women and junior golfers.

PGA Professional Coach Ali Taylor

"This training aid will help you hit straighter shots than ever before."

Suitable For The Beginner To Professional Golfer


Can be used whilst hitting balls at practice.

It only takes a few seconds to attach the TruSwing™ Pro to any golf club. Simply unscrew the wingnut and slide over shaft (not grip), pull up onto grip and retighten once in position.

Unlike most golf training aids the TruSwing™ Pro can easily fit in your bag so you always have it wherever you practice.

Designed with a washable pad so you can practice for hours with no distress.

The TruSwing™ Pro is endorsed and utilized by USA, UK, CAN and AUS PGA professional coaches.

How The TruSwing™ Pro 

Will Benifit your golf game

In this video PGA Professional Alistair Davies explains how the TruSwing™ Pro will be beneficial to your training regime.

Simply attach on any club including driver and follow along with our free tips and drills by PGA Professionals.

Try it now risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee.


"Who knew something so simple

could make such a big difference to my game".

Step One

Attach over the shaft of your club (not grip).

Step Two

Pull up onto grip and position close to your bottom hand index finger.

Step Three

Align the TruSwing™ Pro with the bottom edge of your club face (very important).

Step Four

Insert and tighten wing nut. If your grip is thick it may not need the wingnut.


Q: Can I Use This On My Driver? YES!

Q: Is It Suitable For Right And Left Handed Golfers? YES!  

Q: Will This Minimize My Slice Or Hook? YES!

Q: Will This Make Me Hit The Ball Further? YES!

Q: Does This Flatten My Lead Wrist At The Top Of My Swing? YES!

Q: Can Anyone Use It At All Skill Levels? YES!

Q: Will The Adjustable Insert Fit My Large Or Small Golf Club? YES!

Order now, and you’ll be on your way to a better golfer with your TruSwing™ Pro within 4-9 days, thanks to our FREE expedited and tracked international shipping straight to your door.

Improve Your Swing

30 days to a better swing or money back

As little as 1 training session a week to a better swing. 

The aid can be used at home a doesn't require you to hit balls. Attach to a club and get the feel of the correct wrist hinge and swing plane.

If you don’t see a improvement in 30 days or you're not happy with the product return the TruSwing Pro back to us for a 100% refund.

"Who knew something so simple

could make such a big difference to my game".

About us

At TruSwing™, we know how hard but enjoyable golf can be. Our mission is to make golf more accessible to learn and ultimately keep golfers playing and enjoying the game throughout their lifetime.

That is we are focused on not only providing high quality training aids that work but also have the correct information behind them by real PGA professional coaches all around the world.